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Affirmation Box

Affirmation Box


The Affirmation Box is targeted towards your specified intention.

( Eg Love Box, Healing Box , Money Magnet Box etc ) 


Choose a box you would like a specific manifestation towards, a specific goal or intention and we will customise a box with intuitively selected pieces that resonates with those intentions. 


*Processing time, Affirmation boxes may take up to 3-7 business days to be curated and processed. 


[ IMPORTANT ] The photo is an example of some of the pieces we have in our shop. There are tonnes available and we will choose your stones by intuition. Please note that natural crystals & minerals vary in color, size & form. Crystals are naturally formed and will come with its own unique characters & features such as veins, lines etc. Using crystals are means of spiritual guidance to healing & manifesting. They are not to be replaced by conventional Health Care. All our crystals are ethically sourced, mined, fair trade & sweat shop free.

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