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Bali Morning - Candled Vintage Vessel

Bali Morning - Candled Vintage Vessel

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Inspired by the scapes of Bali at dawn.

A ritual of comfort & warmth, yet invigorating the senses like waves on the beach.


House Blend :


100 % Coconut Wax , 100% Cold Pressed Organic Essential Oil , Recycled Paper & Cotton Wick 

Notes of Cinnamon Bark , Tea Tree & Rosemary

  • Candle Care

    Before each use, trim and ignite the candle wick. Please be aware that it is typical for the stones, herbs, and spices to shift as the wax melts.

    Ensure that no stones, herbs, or spices come into contact with the flame and remove any that do.

    For safety reasons, do not leave the candle unattended, especially near flammable materials such as curtains, and keep it out of reach of children, pets, and plants

    To ensure the longevity of our vintage vessels, we kindly recommend extinguishing candles when the wax reaches a depth of 2cm. This precaution helps to prevent the glass from cracking or sustaining any damage

    For the initial lighting of the candles, please ensure a minimum of 2 hours of burning time

  • Important

    Prior to using our product, it is essential that you carefully read and understand all provided instructions. Your purchase implies that you have acknowledged and accepted these instructions. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any damages or issues resulting from improper use

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