Hapu Artisan Cushion Cover


Hapu Artisan Cushion Cover

  • Description

    Artisan Cushion Cover series features hand selected and hand made vintage pieces from Afghanistan, Iran , Turkey , India and Morocco.

    Each Artisan covers requires 2 months worth of man hours to complete, using organic cotton and wool as well as plant derived dyes like the Indigofera Tinctoria plant and the Madder Root. 

    An item to passed down to generations, the vintage Artisan Cushion Covers is a reflection of products that are not produced in massive quantities ( similar to fast fashion production ) but one that encourages the continuous use of beautiful vintage items - an important element to a sustainable journey.

  • Care Instruction

    Spot Clean

  • Important

    Size 38cm by 38cm 

    • Each piece is hand weaved, there will be some imperfections that makes it unique.
    • Inserts are not for sale, photo purposes only.