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Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds


Master Amplifier . Crown Healer . Clears Mind, Body & Soul . Source of Pure Light


The reverred Herkimer diamond. Only found in Herkijmer New York , this is a stone that opens your spritual connection and divinition. Resonating through all chakras, Herkimer Diamonds are said to bring the purest of light to attain deeper understanding for your divine calling and purpose. 


* Please note that a majority of our herkimer diamonds may include chlorite or hematite inclusion. These natural inclusions are wonderous sediments that have grown and are incapsulated naturally within the diamonds during the growth through hundred and thousands of years. 


* Set of 3 diamonds

* Bottle not included 


  • Crystal Pairing

    Amethyst ( Understand Divine Calling ) . Lapis Lazuli ( Increase Awareness And Spiritual Connection ) Tourmaline ( Clear energy Blockage ) 

  • Country of Origin

    Herkimer, New York

  • Chakra


  • Please Note

    The listing is for a set of 3 crystals, the photo is an example of the piece that will be intuitively chosen for you. Natural crystals & minerals vary in color, size & form. Crystals are naturally formed and will come with its own unique characters & features such as veins, lines etc. Using crystals are means of spiritual guidance to healing & manifesting. They are not to be replaced by conventional Health Care. All our crystals are ethically sourced, mined, fair trade & sweat shop free. Please note that color may vary from screen to screen.

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