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Rare Large Albino Ocean Jasper Tower

Rare Large Albino Ocean Jasper Tower


Confidence . Optimism . Stability


Natural Albino/ White Ocean Jasper with Orbicular Imprints from Madagascar

Premium Rare Quality, Orbicular , White , Druze Pockets 


A rare variation of the ocean jasper stone. This listing is for the exact piece as pictured ( please refer to the individiual pieces pictured and select the corresponding option ) A definite collectors pieces that is rare to come by. A stone to bring happiness while providing self insight and confidence. 


Measurements : 

$125 - 4cm x 11.5cm 

$145 - 3.5cm x 13.5cm 

$184 - 5cm x 13cm 

$222 - 4.5cm x 17.5cm 

  • Crystal Pairing

    Carnelian ( Enhances Confidence ) Citrine ( Creativity ) 

  • Country of Origin

    The Republic of Madagascar

  • Chakra

    Solar Plexus , Heart & Throat

  • Please Note

    The listing is for 1 (one) crystal. You are purchasing and will be receiving the exact piece in this photo. Natural crystals & minerals vary in color, size & form. Crystals are naturally formed and will come with its own unique characters & features such as veins, lines etc. Using crystals are means of spiritual guidance to healing & manifesting. They are not to be replaced by conventional Health Care. All our crystals are ethically sourced, mined, fair trade & sweat shop free. Please note that color may vary from screen to screen.

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