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Starter's Satchel

Starter's Satchel


Ths Starter's Satchel is specially created for Crystal Beginner. An easy step towards your journey with nature and the healing and manifesting energies from the universe. 


Includes : 

1 Premium Satin Spar Selenite Bowl or Authentic Vintage Bowl

1 Clear Quartz Crystal

1 Rose Quartz Crystal

1 Smokey Quartz Crystal 

1 Chevron Amethyst Crystal

Cleansing Herb Bundle

Satin Spar Selenite Bowls help to cleanse and charge crystals as weell as jewelries before and after use. It is recommended to cleanse and charge your crystals atleast once a week to rid them of energies they may have accumulated and to reset/program your intentions. Selenite itself does not require any charging and cleansing as they are self cleansers and chargers. 


[ IMPORTANT ] Photo is an example of the pieces that will be intuitively chosen for you. Natural crystals & minerals vary in color, size & form. Crystals are naturally formed and will come with its own unique characters & features such as veins, lines etc. Using crystals are means of spiritual guidance to healing & manifesting. They are not to be replaced by conventional Health Care. All our crystals are ethically sourced, mined, fair trade & sweat shop free.

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